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San Francisco-based ice creamery Humphry Slocombe scooped up bread & Butter to help introduce its rebellious, culinary-driven “ice cream with attitude” when it opened its first location in Los Angeles.

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bread & Butter ideated and facilitated a partnership between Humphry Slocombe and the Fab-Five to create a one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor that represented the spirit of the show. Bringing the unexpected together to introduce something new, better and different, the limited-time flavor included chocolate cookies and graham crackers in olive oil ice cream to create a surprisingly delicious outcome.

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bread & Butter worked with famed LA-based chef Roy Choi to launch an ice cream collab with San Francisco creamery Humphry Slocombe at the Line Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The new flavor was inspired by Hawaiian shaved ice, swirling sorbet through condensed-milk ice cream.

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Little Dom’s and the ice cream geniuses at San Francisco’s Humphry Slocombe teamed up for a collab for Negroni Week: Negroni. Ice Cream. Sandwiches. Little Dom’s pastry chef, Ann Kirk, sandwiched Humphry Slocombe’s creamy, small-batch Campari ice cream snug between two Little Dom’s-made almond sugar cookies along with a layer of Campari-soaked juniper sponge cake. Because, why not?